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Manly Dentists Root Canal Treatment: Endodontics

If you are suffering from a tooth infection caused by decay or injury, you may be in need of a root canal. Manly endodontic specialists at Manly Dentists can work with you to discuss the root canal treatment and ensure that your procedure is painless and effective, leaving you with an improved, healthy smile after just one visit.


At Manly Dentists, our patients receive top-quality care and expertise from leading dental specialists in Endodontics. Root canal therapy is performed when the tooth’s root becomes infected due to cavities or cracks, causing discomfort and swelling in the area. The procedure involves cleaning out the root canal to prevent further damage and save your tooth. When performed by professional endodontist, Dr.{Dentist}, at Manly Dentists, you can be sure that your smile is restored to show healthy and beautiful results.


With the latest in dental technology and anesthetics, including certified IV sedation, you no longer have to associate root canal procedures with pain and discomfort. At Manly Dentists, you can discuss your comfort levels with a specialised endodontist, who will find the right anesthetic treatment that works best for you. Dr. {Dentist} has the experience and expertise in Root Canal Therapy to ensure a quick and painless root canal, often completing the procedure with successful results in just one visit.

Don’t let the fear of pain or discomfort prevent you from receiving the dental care you deserve. Make an appointment with Manly Dentists for pain-free root canal treatment.

Root CanalRoot Canal Procedure:

Unhealthy or injured tooth, drilling and cleaning, filing and crown

More on IV Sedation

THERE'S NO NEED TO FEEL UNEASY ABOUT DENTAL WORK Feeling uneasy about dental procedures is normal and common in many patients. Whether you suffer from panic attacks or have had traumatic dental experiences in the past, the specialists at Manly Dentists can help ease your dental concerns and get you smiling again. Manly Dentists are caring professionals who make you look and feel great


Dr. {Dentist} is a specialist in fixing tough cases, repairing years of neglect and restoring their patients' teeth, youth and confidence quickly, without pain or embarrassment.


At Manly Dentists, we understand that dental fear can have a major impact on the health of your teeth. Our team of advanced specialists offer a unique IV sedation experience, so we can treat even the most challenging and complicated dental problems due to fear or neglect. With IV sedation, gentle procedures and a friendly staff, our dentists not only improve your dental health, but also boost your confidence and give you something to smile about.

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IV sedation is a form of anesthesia that relaxes you and leaves you with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. Even the most fearful patients have pleasant and comfortable dental treatments.

Most other dentists who offer "sedation" have minimal training and can only 
provide their patients with a pill 1-2 hours before their appointment. However, the results are unpredictable, often providing a very light and ineffective sedation.

Why IV sedation is better:

  • More reliable, immediate results
  • Complete relaxation and comfort during procedure
  • Quick and less painful recovery than with oral sedation
  • Expert treatment administered by a certified IV dentist

Endodontic therapy is a sequence of treatment for the pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. This set of procedures is commonly referred to as a "root canal." Root canals and their associated pulp chamber are the physical hollows within a tooth that are naturally inhabited by nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cellular entities.

Endodontic therapy involves the removal of these structures, the subsequent cleaning, shaping, and decontamination of the hollows with tiny files and irrigating solutions, and the obturation (filling) of the decontaminated canals with an inert filling such as gutta percha and typically a eugenol-based cement

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